Using A Prostate Massager

What is a Prostate Massager?

A prostate massager is a device that is inserted into your anus and then used to massage your prostate gland.  Very similar in shape to that of a finger the prostate massager is slightly curved so that it can provide the best prostate massage possible. 

If you or your partner is intending to use such a device one of the most important things is lubricant.  I cannot stress enough the importance of using lubricant.  The rectal passage is dry and does not have its own lubricant so in order to perform a prostate massage you have to ensure that adequate lubricant is used.  The rectum is also very delicate and contains tissues that can tear very easily.  Using lubricant will help to avoid this.

When massaging the prostate be sure to use light repetitive circular motions.  Never use force or rough motions and this could lead to tears, bleeding, and a lot of pain.  Prostate massagers are not designed to be used for thrusting motions and you should never use them in this manner.  This will results in a very sore ass and can cause some very serious consequences.


Prostate Massager

What Are The Benefits Of Prostate Massages?

Prostate massages can be used for a number of things, most often pleasure.  Massaging your prostate can help to enhance sexual experiences and intercourse as well as relieving the build up of seminal fluids in the prostate.  Seminal fluid can build up if you do not ejaculate on a regular basis and has been found to be one of the causes of prostate cancer.

Prostate massage can help to release the build up of seminal fluid with or without intercourse and can be practiced alone or with the help of a partner.

Using a prostate massager can make massaging your prostate a little easier especially if you are doing it alone.  Using a massager on a regular basis can help to cure many of the symptoms caused by an unhealthy prostate and best of all you can enjoy the pleasure it brings too. 

Whilst many people may find the idea of prostate massage disturbing or unnatural, it does have a lot of benefits.  If you suffer with prostate problems, massaging the prostate can help to alleviate them without having to use drugs or undergo surgery.  Massaging your prostate really can help to keep it healthy and active.  Prostate massage also produces extremely powerful orgasms which makes it even more worthwhile.

Many men are envious of the fact that women can have multiple orgasms and if practiced and performed correctly you too can have the same multiple orgasms through prostate massage.

A prostate massage can be performed using your fingers or a prostate massager.

How Does A Prostate Massager Work?

A prostate massager works by stimulating both sides of the prostate and slightly stimulating the middle area too.  These massagers can be purchased for use both externally and internally and they range from manual inserters to electronic massagers. 

A lot of men prefer to use the indirect massager which is carried out externally.  It is less messy as there is no lubrication involved and it can be done whilst watching the television.  External prostate massagers should only be used when you are aroused because arousal opens up the prostates main function which is to release prostate fluid when ejaculation occurs.

Internal massagers are inserted into the rectum and are specially shaped in order to stimulate the prostate.  These massagers have been designed to touch you in just the right place in order to bring you to the heights of pleasure whilst benefiting your health at the same time.  Internal massagers come in different shapes and sizes and if you are just starting out I definitely recommend that you choose something that has been designed for beginners.

No matter what type of prostate massager you choose to use be it internally or externally, you must always remember to be gentle.  The prostate is a very sensitive and soft spot and being too rough will cause tears and bleeding.  You can also damage your urinary tract if you are not careful.

To finish I must point out that most men who have had their prostate massaged have found that their sexual performance and enjoyment has increased and also once they enjoy the pleasurable sensations of a prostate massage they do it over and over again.


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