eCourse - Part 5: Prostate Massage

Article by: Allan Sharpe
October 10, 2006

In further preparation for prostate massage we discuss, in great detail, massaging the penis and testicles prior to the prostate massage. From the manuscript:

“Once the finger has been properly placed and the massage begun, “he’s feeling things that he never felt before throughout his external organs, penis, testicles, and perineum, and he also feels them inside his lower abdominal cavity, his prostate may even be softening from the heat of the massage”.

So, now put on the latex gloves, and lubricate your gloved index finger, while he’s lying in ecstacy, from what you have just done, and that’s just the beginning while he’s awaiting the next step.

Both hands are put into play now. “The one without the glove has some warmed oil in your palm, and the oil is gently being rubbed into his testicles, slowly, one at at time, and then both together. Then you’ll rub the oil into his perineum. Gently knead his testicles. Between the two testicles is the shaft of the penis that you can also gently massage with your ungloved hand.

Then you can slowly move your hand into the perineum area again, with circles, and slightly pushing inward on the perineum. The ungloved hand also must be used to separate the two buttock PERINEUM cheeks and make way for the latex gloved index finger with KY-jelly lubrication (or other lubricants) made for anal sex. These are excellent lubricants for inserting with prostate massage.

Now is where “it becomes FUN. The finger is NOT to enter quickly but to massage the exterior of the anus until it becomes soft and pliable, and not resistent to your touch. You can do this with circular motions, even teasing him to put your finger at the entrance and saying ...... ah-h-h-h-h!”

You’ll need to lubricate your finger again and when you are ready to insert it, grab his penis at the base and gently tug upward toward the glans. Make sure that the penis is well-lubricated with warmed oil. As you are gently pulling upward on the penis, gently insert your lubricated gloved finger about 1” inside the anus.

Move your inserted finger(s) internally and the other fingers of that hand externally towards his testicles. When he moans, begin the prostate massage.

Again, lubrication is absolutely vital for his comfort. Slowly move your finger in, and out, but never insert the full length of your finger. That could cause pain. Another thing to think about is do not use saliva as an anal lubricant. It loses moisture too quick and a dry prostate massage can hurt your partner. Move your lubricated finger(s), listen to his sounds, they will reveal secrets. The more pleasurable the sound, the more you need to focus on that spot which causes him to make that pleasure sound you heard.

Move your inserted lubricated finger upwards towards the scrotum with him lying on his back. You’ll feel the prostate gland through the anus and rectal canal. Gently move your finger across it, then slowly move your finger left and right, and listen to the sounds he makes.

His sounds will indicate that you’ve found his g-spot. Make a mental note of where it is, because you’re going to be there more than once, and even for long periods of time, become intimate with it. Make the G-spot your dancing partner to music in the background.

Tease him and massage his g-spot by, gently pulling your finger(s) out, and gently inserting them, pushing upward towards the scrotum, across the prostate and then removing them again. Do this over and over!

At this point, it might be a good idea to grab his penis with your lubricated ungloved hand and begin to massage in up and down slowly, very slowly. And if you can, sychronize the up and down motion, with the in and out motion of the prostate massaging. This will bring his feelings and memories like he has never felt before. If you feel him start to come, say ... “NO, NO” and grab the base of his penis and do the same movement we talked about earlier. If necessary close the circle tighter around his penis. Massage the prostate in many different directional patterns. Left/Right, Diagonal, Vertical, Horizontal, Letters of the Alphabet, etc.

Just a little MORE information we can give you in this short space includes:

“First, the lubricated, gloved finger, must perfect the in and out movement, where the anus feels the knuckle of the finger. And the pad of your finger is dancing with a prostate g-spot. When he feels the knuckle of your finger go in and out, he will have similar feelings to when a woman is having intercourse and the penis comes almost all the way out, and then pushed back into her.

Very sensual indeed. The next part of the lesson involves the dance of the finger, which we will cover in detail later in the book.

Again, if you feel that he is preparing to ejaculate - stop him. You want him to orgasm but not come ... this control method will spread the orgasm within him.

Our book covers so much, that we couldn’t give you everything in these 5 short mini-lesson, but we can in our illustrated step-by-step guide.

It’s amazing what people say about the prostate massage methods we teach. Beyond that we prepare you for an experience that brings comments like:

“All I can say is WOW! It took a little time to learn how to use, the squeezing of the gluteal muscles and movement of the hips, but once I learned, the orgasms have been mind-bending.”

We take a lot of time to introduce you to your prostate, and how the entire internal system works as a sexual and reproductive system.

Recently doctors have verified the positive effects of masturbation and prostate massage. So we’re going to give you some information on how to get to know your prostate. How to prepare for the experience, and how to clean up your act and get ready to have a great time with your prostate.

If you are a couple, we’re going to teach you how to prepare the mood, and for partners, to create a romantic setting and how to handle asking for the prostate massage, and how to handle questions that may come up.

We’ll talk about showering together, or you can hot tub it together, and create a fun party out of the whole experience. Including dressing for the part.

Knowing exactly how to breathe, for preparation anxiety, or for pleasure, specifically for prostate massage and orgasms is absolutely vital. We teach you absolutely everything you need to learn to breath and contract the appropriate muscles to mark your orgasms cosmic..

The couples are guided to do entire body massage before massaging the prostate. Learn how Swedish Effleurage massage benefits you and your prostate. And you’ll even learn mutual perineal massage. You’ll learn the best methods to massage the penis and testicles.

Instructions on how to put on latex gloves, and how to insert finger(s) into the anus and how to find the prostate and begin to massage it, by dancing with it. Great amounts of pleasure are derived from the simple dance technique.

We continue with more effleurage massage and continuing on with the rest of the body, using different strokes for different areas.

Then we move into the aspect of tantric massage and how to do it. We remind you of the benefits of prostate massage, just in case you forget. And we tell you what others have experieinced during a prostate massage.

We teach you how to strengthen your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, and how to do the Kegel exercises and where to find more information on Kegel exercises for PC muscle developments. And then we do a practice session with you doing PC Pumps.

Then we begin the do-it-yourself section to teach you how to massage your shoulders, neck, legs, and hand before you learn how to massage your penis and testicles. You’ll learn special penis massage techniques, and method to improve your own sexuality.

You’ll discover two exercises called PG Pumping and the Flex technique which will improve your stamina and they’ll put you in control of your ejaculation.

Take a break for a minute, and eat some healthy food, from a modified Mediterranean diet, and see how your vitality improves and you feel and act more like a Greek god and be a Latin Lover.

Learn how to contract the muscles so that the prostate orgasm is almost automatic after practice of weeks or month of pleasurable experiences. Then learn how they become automatic.

Often those who experience the greatest prostate massages, that provide for the prostate milking involve the use of devices along with massage. Would you rather have a machine do all the work?

Learn how they work, where to get them, and what precisely to do? Learn why people say: “My wife and I have now put it into our sexual fun repertoires. She has loving lubing it up and plays with my penis while she inserts it. A few tugs on the device and I’m in high gear.”



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