eCourse - Part 4:
Prostate Massage & Milking

Article by: Allan Sharpe
October 5, 2006


Many men have discovered that having a prostate massage is a very erotic form of self-stimulation. And when doing it with a cooperative lover it can be a fantastic sexual interaction.

For many years doctors have also believed that effective prostate massage can provide numerous health benefits that includes reproduction system improvement, and various fantastic sensations that are similar to the intensity of total body orgasm with contractions, like waves of pleasure.

One of the concepts is that a prostate massage reduce the buildup of stagnant semen in the prostate. By using prostate massage it can become totally unnecessary for men to have sexual relations, or masturbate to ejaculate, although masturbation certainly enhances the orgasmic phenomena with prostate massage.

Men who use prostate massage say that their orgasm is much far more intense than an ejaculatory orgasm from traditional sex, in any position, or even by masturbation or mutual masturbation.

I have often heard that is recommended as a preferred form of sexual interaction while the other partner/love is either unavailable or the man just doesn't want to have sex for some reason, and the reason can be due to complications in relationships.

Other men simply state that a prostate milking is a great form of sexual pleasure and consider it to be the same sensations as the women claim they feel when their female G-spot is massaged and stimulated.

During a prostate massage, the release of the semen often occurs in a flow rather than a regular explosive ejaculation. When masturbating, along with prostate massage in order to increase the quantity of semen released, the explosiveness and full body contractions are enhanced.

Men who take participate in prostate massage should be aware that there can be risks involved if the massage is done improperly without advantage knowledge of how to do it and proper preparation. That's why our book on prostate massage and g-spot pleasure and fun is so important for you to read before starting with massaging your prostate and milking the gland.

Note: If there is any blood present in the semen that is released during the prostate massage, the prostate massage should be stopped immediately. If the blood returns in the urine or semen, the individual should get to a urologist quickly. Also men should also be aware of any pain in their lower abdomen, as this may also be a sign that internal damage has occurred as a result of the prostate massage.

But if you read our book, we're sure you'll learn all the methods of having a great experience and also avoid all the problems related to massage without the necessary education.

Draining (milking) the prostate

Prostate milking is a term which is used to refer to massaging the prostate gland in order to secrete semen. This process is sometime used as a medical procedure in order to secrete what is deemed to be excess fluid from the prostate. Many medical doctors feel it is a safe and effective way to treat a condition known as benign prostate hyperplasia, which is simply an enlarged prostate.

There is some speculation as to whether a prostate milking should involve a vigorous or gentle massage, however; most health professionals recommend a gentle massage in order to conduct a prostate milking as a vigorous approach has been known to cause serious and life threatening internal damage.

Prostate milking massage can either be done in a professional medical office or at home. In some cases a doctor will perform a prostate milking in order to obtain a sample of prostate fluid for testing purposes. Men who are not accustomed to this procedure may feel uncomfortable with a prostate milking.

The procedure can also be performed at home and can either be performed alone or with the assistance of another person.

Devices, which are mentioned in our book Prostate Massage and G-Spot Fun are marketed for the sole purpose of assisting an individual with performing his own prostate milking and are commonly called prostate massagers.

In some cases, a spouse or lover may wish to assist with a prostate milking. For this type of procedure the other person inserts their latex-gloved finger into the anus of the male, finds the prostate gland and massages it gently.

The medical method of milking the prostate requires the patient prepares to bend forward and resting on his elbows on a table with his legs 2 feet apart. The doctor wears sterile latex gloves and lubricates the index finger with KY jelly (optionally, an anesthetic jelly may be used).

The free hand opens the gluteal fold apart to allow the examining finger to touch the anal sphincter. The initial response from the anal sphincter is a contraction of the anal muscles. The muscles are allowed to relax and then the index finger is gently inserted into the rectal canal. This allows the free hand to spread one gluteal fold in and gently pat is so it will further relax.

Once the entire index finger is in the rectum, the free hand is positioned over the pubic area. Meanwhile, the index finger inside the rectal canal feels for the center groove of the prostate that separates the left and right lobes.

There is a tremendous amount of controversy regarding prostate milking, as professionals have now concluded that prostate milking could be a way to prevent prostate gland disorders, when regular forms of sexual expression are unavailable or when a man does not wish to masturbate, possibly for moral or Sexually Transmitted Disease related reasons. The subject of prostate milking might be considered controversial, because some feel it is an acceptable medical practice while others believe it is no different from masturbating, which many people find morally or religiously unacceptable.

Some men find that a prostate milking is quite an erotic form of sexual interaction and many people believe that a prostate milking can provide numerous health benefits. Men who participate in prostate milking and say that the orgasm is much more intense than an orgasm with traditional sex or masturbation.

Some state that it's recommended as a form of sexual intracourse when a partner is either unavailable or the male simply does not wish to engage in other forms of sexual intercourse for whatever reason. Many men simply find a prostate milking to be an excellent form of sexual pleasure or sexual self-pleasure and equate it to manipulation of the female G-spot.


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