Discover The Joys Of Anal Orgasm

Anal play is considered to be kinky but often comes with a taboo.  It is a sexual practice that a lot of men and women enjoy though and men in particular can enjoy extreme pleasures.  An anal orgasm for men is more intense and exhilarating that normal intercourse and it for this reason that I want to tell you about prostate massage.

In men, the anal pleasure point is the prostate gland and this can be found directly below the bladder in the rectal canal.  The main function of the prostate gland is to aid with reproduction and the way it does this is to secrete a special fluid into the semen before you ejaculate.  This helps with sperm mobility, stops the sperm from sticking together, and prolongs the life of the sperm after it leaves the penis.

So why massage the prostate?  The prostate has often been referred to as the male G-spot and this highly sensitive gland can produce some amazing orgasms without ever having to touch your penis.  It must be stimulated via the rectum and that is why the orgasms it produces have been given the name "anal orgasm".

Before stimulating your prostate if it essential to cleanse your bowel.  You should urinate and move your bowels before you begin.  If your partner is performing the anal stimulation you will need to ensure that their fingernails are short and smooth and that there are no rough edges.  You will need to relax as much as you can and prepare for the pleasure you are about to receive.

You will need to have latex gloves and plenty of lubrication.  When you are ready you can start by having your prostate massaged externally.  This is done by touching, rubbing, and stroking the perineum.  This is the area of skin underneath your testicles beside your anus.  When you are ready lube up your fingers or your partners fingers and slowly insert them into your anus.  You may need to experiment with various positions to find one that is most comfortable.  You will only need to insert the finger about an inch or so before moving the finger in an upwards motion along the wall of the rectum.  You will be trying to feel for a small bulge of tissue that is located in the direction of your navel. 

Once you find the prostate start moving the finger in a "come here" motion bending the tip of the finger.  You should use the pad of the finger to massage the prostate gently.  You will need to tell your partner if you would like more or less pressure.

When stimulating the prostate it is quite normal to feel the urge to urinate but this is just the feeling of having your prostate stimulated.  When you are nearing ejaculation you should ask your partner to press on your prostate gland before and during ejaculation.  This will definitely send you over the edge and the anal orgasm you experience will be like nothing you have ever felt before.

It is even possible for you to have multiple anal orgasms by stimulating the prostate even though ejaculation will not occur every time.  Stimulation of the penis is not required in order for you to ejaculate or orgasm using this method either.

Most men find having an anal orgasm extremely pleasurable and erotic and many enjoy it as part of their normal sexual routine.


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