Anal Massage and the P-Spot

Anal massage is another name for massaging the prostate.  The prostate has been given many names including the male G-spot and more recently the P-spot.  In the tantric philosophy the G-spot is said to be the emotional part of the sex centre for a man.  It also states that massaging the prostate can relieve gigantic amounts of stress.

Anal massage that includes massaging the prostate and stimulating the penis at the same time can evoke an extremely powerful feeling of ecstasy even when ejaculation doesn't occur.  The only way that the prostate can be touched however is through the rectum wall.  The prostate can never be touched directly because of this wall but through anal massage extremely powerful orgasms can be achieved.

It make take a little bit of time to get used to the feeling of having an object or fingers inserted in your ass and anal massage may not be for everyone.  In saying that, it is something that if you try once, you are sure to try again.

There are many benefits to anal massage besides the extreme pleasure that you can derive from it.  For partners, very close lovers, and those who are extremely comfortable with each other, giving an anal massage can be a very exhilarating experience.  The pleasure that you feel is overwhelming and for the person giving the massage they can feel a sense of empowerment as well.

What Is The Prostate?

The prostate is a small gland that is located directly underneath the bladder next to the rectal wall.  It is the size and shape roughly of a walnut and the only way of stimulating it is through the rectum.  The prostate produces seminal fluid which is what keep your sperm from sticking together during ejaculation.  Massaging the prostate can produce a variety of sensations that you never thought possible and many men find that prostate massage is very erotic and that their orgasms are far more intense.

Preparing For An Anal Massage

Just like any other sexual activity, there are certain precautions that you should apply.  You will need to ensure that your bowels are emptied and that you are thoroughly clean.  The person giving the massage must ensure that their fingernails are cut with no sharp edges and that they have a pair of snug fitting latex gloves. 

The rectal cavity is extremely delicate and can be torn very easily and it is therefore vital that you use lubrication.  K-Y jelly is ideal but you can purchase many different varieties of lubricant. 

You can also try taking a warm bath or shower together before your anal massage as this will help you too relax which is also necessary.  A shower or bath together is also very pleasurable and this can be used as foreplay too.

Regardless of the fact of whether you are using a prostate massager or your partners fingers to perform your anal massage the prostate cannot be touched directly.  Indirect touching through the rectal wall is enough to give you an immense amount of pleasure and amazing orgasms.  Just by pressing, rubbing, or stroking the prostate gland you will feel an array of sensations that you have never felt before. 

Combining your anal massage with penis stimulation can lead to very powerful orgasms and in some cases stimulating the prostate can even lead to multiple orgasms.  The membranes of the anus are extremely sensitive and are connected to millions of nerve endings which when touched can produce very pleasurable sensations.



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